Understanding How Thermicon Permanently Reduce Hair Regrowth

No!No!, one of the leading brands in hair removal has revolutionized and greatly contributed on safety and simplicity on hair removal by developing Thermicon Technology.

No!No!’s Thermicon technology uses a special filament or wire to remove hair effectively by heat transference. Basically, it is similar to laser hair removal but the big difference is that it is not selective and can be safely used on any hair and skin type.

The unique innovation of No!No!’s Thermicon technology uses a thermodynamic wire that transmits heat into the hair. Heat transfer occurs instantly and safely cuts hair just below the skin. Remember, the heat cuts the hair and no sharp blade is used. At the same time, the thermicon effect disrupts hair follicle and delays normal hair regrowth. There three processes on how Thermicon technology works:.

First is the initial contact of hair with the thermodynamic wire. This is where the thermal signal is in its strongest state and allows the hair to be separated from the hair shaft at the point of contact.

Second is crystallization. This is when the thermal signal crystallizes the upper part of the hair making residual hair temporarily coarse and feels prickly to the touch.

Lastly is disruption. All of these events occur simultaneously and disruption is the most important because this is the stage where the cell communication between the hair follicle and the hair bed is disrupted by the thermicon effect; therefore, delaying or stopping hair regrowth.

With continued use of No!No! Hair Remover twice a week for six to twelve weeks, clinical studies show there is visible hair reduction by 64%. No! No! Hair Remover delivers professional results and it is safe and easy to use at home. No other home hair remover system can compare to this.

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